About Geoff Thomas

       Passion and Obsession.

That's the driving force behind Geoff Thomas designs. A self-taught sculpturist and jewelry artist with a background in finance, who finds its inspiration in raw nature -flirting with the pure and the grotesque- and surrealistic technology, Geoff brings his left/right thinking perspective to each one of his creations, where quality and attention to details are predominant. Each piece is carefully made in small batches and hand polish by the artist.

His work has been adorned by celebrities and devotees alike all over the planet. Recently Geoff found its calling in multiple collaborations, along with watches and knife makers setting ground for where his creative talent might take him. In his free time, Geoff likes to spend time in nature, visit galleries and art shows, ride motorcyles, catch movies and discuss art, self-development, psychology and gastronomy. A California native, the artist lives in Los Angeles.